Waste Water

Organic and liquid waste collection
At our facility, we have the capabilities to solidify most non-hazardous sludge waste. Cowart also has its own waste water treatment plant and is capable of handling most types of waste water. To ensure your wastewater is correctly discharged, Cowart Industries will handle the sampling and analysis and take the necessary steps to dispose of your waste properly.
Cowart owns and operates liquid vacuum trucks, air movers, and tanker trucks with the capability of hauling up to 5500 gallons per load. We also own box trucks, trailers and roll off trucks to transport waste in bins, drums, and boxes. These trucks can be used to pickup non-hazardous waste and slurries. Cowart can handle your continuous waste by providing roll off services. We can provide the box transport and disposal of your waste.

Vacuum Trucks

Liquid Waste Hauling

Continuous Waste

  • Organic and liquid waste collection
  • Non Hazardous liquid waste such as grease trap
  • Car wash sump
  • Non contact cooling water
  • Paper manufacturing
  • Food manufacturing such as cheese, whey, and milk waste

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